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Artcompiler is an software studio that makes API-first B2B SaaS products. Our focus is on building trusted long-term relationships with all our stakeholders including customers, partners, vendors, and employees. We believe that if we do this well, cash profits will follow.

Building with open source. Whether you are a customer, partner, or employee, you'll want to have the option to "take it with you" if and when you move on from Artcompiler. By using open source software as the foundation of all that we build, we minimize risk of vendor lock-in and maximize long-term collaboration.

Building for the long now. We believe that better, more thoughtful choices are made when we have a wide angled view of time, past and future. This is essential to consistently building durable solutions for durable problems. This perspective drives our focus on quality construction and timeless design.

Building with partners. Making software is our superpower. We love working with like-minded partners with complementary superpowers. If you are committed to long-term thinking about products and partnerships, we'd love to hear from you.

Products in the wild...

SVGCompiler. SVG capture and conversion (link)

Projects in the lab...

ChartCompiler. Branded charts at scale
JustScoring. Automatic scoring of constructed responses
HikingParis. GPS guided walks off the beaten paths of Paris

People on the team...

Jeff Dyer. Founder (email)