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Artcompiler is an API-first software studio. Our raison d'etre is to grow profitable software businesses ex nihilo. Our mission is to form saleable businesses around APIs with low churn and high margins. We do this by building in public, building to sell, and building with partners

Building in public. Our extensive use of open source, shared content, and transparent discourse allows people to follow along as we make the journey from idea to exit

Building to sell. From the idea stage onward, we build our businesses so that they can be quickly and painlessly transferred to a new owner when the time comes

Building with partners. Making software is our superpower. We love working with like-minded partners with complementary superpowers

Projects in the lab...

ChartCompiler. Branded charts at scale (link)
JustScoring. AI based scoring of text and math inputs
HikingParis. GPS guided walks off the beaten paths of Paris

Businesses in the wild...

TBD. None yet

People on the team...

Jeff Dyer. Founder (email)